How effective is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing method that has been around for years and is one of the original ways to drive traffic and generate sales. This is done by an online business paying an external source for attempting to do this, with the more traffic and sales that are generated through an affiliate’s referrals, the... Continue Reading →

Effective ways to quickly differentiate your business

If you are a company offering professional services, you may find yourself struggling to differentiate your business from others offering similar services. How do you make yourself stand out in the field? How do you land those ideal clients? The key is to focus on elements called differentiators. Differentiators Make the Difference Differentiators are what... Continue Reading →

Make customers love your business

How to start a business customers love? Attracting paying customers is what separates entrepreneurs from wantrepreneurs. Ask any entrepreneur and she will tell you that getting customers is one of the hardest parts of business. The inability to attract customers cost effectively is one of the common reasons businesses fail. Do you know your customers’ needs?... Continue Reading →

Effective ways to improve your marketing

Entrepreneurs often waste their time on the wrong things like: Worrying about vanity metrics. Working on an administrative task that could be easily outsourced. Spending more money on things that won’t help to grow their business. Micromanage employees. Putting out fires instead of working on the bigger goals. Repeat doing the same things over-and-over instead of creating... Continue Reading →

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