A leader who takes risk going too far to discover just how far he can go – Mr. Paras Shahdadpuri, Nikai Group

“Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it means try again with experience” says Mr. Paras Shahdadpuri, the inspiring business leader, who single handedly established NIKAI, one of the most successful international consumer electronics brand in the midmarket segment. Mr. Paras's entry into the business world was late compared to many. He was a high... Continue Reading →

Successful entrepreneurs know when to give up or keep fighting

Have you ever considered giving up? How do you know when giving up is more beneficial than pushing on? Failure is a common element of each success story. Knowing when failing is the better option is one of the characteristics that make an entrepreneur. On one hand, you hear people say that you should never ever give up... Continue Reading →

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